Consultation fee $79

Ease and convenience

So, you can't get to the clinic, want to see a doctor from home or at work, or there are no available appointments with your regular GP? With HouseCall you get a casual appointment to see a doctor online, when and where it suits you - 2 mins to book.


It's all about you

We take the time to listen and care and the 15 minute slots make sure you get enough time to discuss your medical issues. Our patients are loving the convenience of this service! But, don't just take our word for it, check out what others have to say.

Our doctors are based here in New Zealand and we're backed by The Doctors trusted brand of medical centres around the country.



When you book the appointment it's easy to pay securely online with a credit card, debit card or by bank transfer. Pricing is applicable to all HouseCall appointments. Any post-consult tests, bloods, medication or other follow-up medical investigations or consults may incur new charges. HouseCall consult fees do not cover pharmacy related costs such as script fees.

“Exceeded expectations - was quick, effective and very handy for people with busy schedules!"

Charlotte from Auckland about HouseCall